honeoye (pronounced “honey-oy”)


Rich Soil for the Sweetest Graze

Our farm is located on a parcel of land in Richfield Springs, New York. The unique soil here, known as honeoye (pronounced “honey-oy”) has glacially formed limestone and an abundant natural spring water supply that allows for diverse grasses with healthy root structures to flourish. This soil composition, with high levels of calcium and other minerals, combined with an abundance of sunshine and rainfall, satisfy the dietary requirements of our herds and provide excellent conditions for producing a superior beef flavor that tastes of our land.

A 150-year Old Farming Method

Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. Here, our cows naturally fertilize the soil through a carefully-managed rotational grazing program, so we never have to use fertilizers or pesticides. Colonies of honey bees, including some from our own hives, naturally pollinate the pastures. Bluebirds also coexist in our pastures with the cattle, keeping the fly population to a minimum, while enhancing the biodiversity and soil fertility.

Our pasture in Richfield Springs, NY is the only pasture that our cattle knows

Raised and finished on world-class grass.

Our pasture in Richfield Springs, NY is the only pasture that our cattle know. Here, cows consume our carefully cultivated sweet grass that results in superior marbling and consistently delicious flavor profiles.

Top Grade Cattle for
Superior Beef​

At the outset, we consulted with top U.S. based and international grass-fed cattle experts and invested in best-of-breed Red Angus, Devon and Hereford genetics from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Mexico and New Zealand. These top-grade animals created a herd of cows with the genetic and physical characteristics that result in consistently superior beef. Today, the mothers of our closed-herd produce a very high butterfat milk to nurse their young, who wean after 10 months. This allows each calf’s digestive system to fully develop and promote the marbling we seek in our beef.

Meet our farm team

It takes a team of special people to manage our acres of sweet-grass pastures.

Stephen Grubb

Stephen GRUBB

Stephen is a bona fide cowboy, who learned at a young age how to ride horses and to rope cattle. He sees these adolescent years as transformative, leading him to passion of farm work. Today, Stephen spends his workday riding horses and moving herds from pasture to pasture, or escorting animals to herd health checks. Stephen is never alone in his work and getting to work with our incredible farm family is the most important and enjoyable part of his job.

Kasey Green

Casey Green

At the ripe age of five years old, Casey sat for the first time in a tractor seat and that was it; he was hooked. He committed his career to farming life—which he acknowledges can be as grueling, challenging and random, as it is beautiful. Today, Casey is a key team player on our farm, who is always ready to get a job done or solve a challenge. From helping to herd an ornery animal to getting his hands dirty under the hood of a tractor, Casey doesn’t mind. He is fully committed to long days and a scenic workspace—and loves every second of it. In fact, he regards these helping-moments as the most rewarding aspect of his job. If you’re ever at the farm, be sure to spin some yarn with Casey (he has some great farming stories to share).

Brian Fassett

Brian Fassett

Brian sees his primary role on the farm as keeping the cows and calves full, fat, and happy—which means he has a lot of bosses to answer to. You might even consider him a “Cow Whisperer.” Along with caring for the animals, Brian is called up to help maintain fences, equipment and pastures. Brian loves that every day the farm brings a new experience and a new challenge to overcome. From the nicest summer afternoon to the coldest winter day, you’ll find Brian outside doing what he does best, ensuring the cows are safe and sound.

Dana Jalbert


Dana is a passionate naturalist, who specializes in animal husbandry. His background raising cattle, pigs, sheep, and horses prepared him well for life on our farm. Dana assures that our animals receive exponential care and enjoys being able to watch them galavant in our pastures. Calving season is particularly rewarding to Dana, as he oversees what he considers the miracle of new life joining the herd. Seeing these animals grow in such a natural, positive and healthy environment is what makes his life on the farm the most fulfilling.



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