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Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson, Co-Founder

Doug personally oversees all facets of our business, including grass-fed and grass-finished cattle experts, soil and pasture management, ranching, sustainability, and nutrition. He’s also on a personal mission to make sure that staff and community engagement remains a top cultural priority a priority. Doug is not only committed to producing exceptionally-tasting and nutritious beef products for the customers he values, he is equally driven to treat the land, animals, employees, customers and community with the highest care and respect. Together with Leigh Goehring, he has proudly shaped our farm into a growing business that remains as authentic as the honeoye soil and masterpiece cuts it was grown on.

Leigh Goehring, Co-Founder

Fascinated with the lost science of animal husbandry, as practiced centuries ago, Leigh knew that he had found his calling. He became a student of cattle genetics, agroecology and sustainable agriculture and grass-fed and grass-finished livestock in beef provision. Then, with his brother-in-law, Doug Thompson and a team of experts by his side, a parcel of land in upstate New York was purchased, providing the perfect climate and soil conditions to grow their shared vision. The rest is history. Now, when he has a moment to himself, one of his favorite pastimes is taking his dogs for a walk around the pastures, taking in and appreciating the beauty of the farm and business that he, his partner and his team have pioneered.

Leigh Goehring
Santana Fassett

Santana Fassett

Santana is completely focused on ensuring that our cattle and everyone consuming our beef is healthy and thriving. It’s a good thing, then, that Santana loves working in nature and overseeing the animal life cycle, each year. She particularly enjoys preparing for the different seasons of the farm, such as calving and breeding season. With a degree in Agriculture Business from SUNY and a background in veterinary care, Santana’s main role on the farm is managing daily herd operations, including oversight of staff, inventory, winter forage and cattle health management, record keeping, and pastures. If you think that’s a desk job, think again. Santana is sure to be found right where our cattle (and our customers) need her—on the farm and out in our pastures.

Stephen grubb

Stephen is a bona fide cowboy, who learned at a young age how to ride horses and to rope cattle. He sees these adolescent years as transformative, leading him to passion of farm work. Today, Stephen spends his workday riding horses and moving herds from pasture to pasture, or escorting animals to herd health checks. Stephen is never alone in his work and getting to work with our incredible farm family is the most important and enjoyable part of his job.

Stephen Grubb
Joshua Boyles

Joshua Boyles

Name a cut, any cut, and Joshua will carve it with mastery. As an artisanal meat cutter who has, for the past decade, perfected his butchery skills through various positions held at custom slaughterhouses and retail grocery stores. With us, Joshua performs all plant operations, humane animal handling and slaughter, meat cutting from carcass to retail cuts, and documentation and sanitation under USDA regulations. It’s his passion for the culinary art of whole cow butchering that truly sets him apart, treating each cut as an expression of his creativity.

Tina Douglas, Accounting

While our butchers are cutting meats, Tina is cutting checks. As the bookkeeper and payroll coordinator for the farm, Tina is familiar with all aspects of the daily finances and staff. She’s all about the green just as much as the cows are. As a former dairy farmer, Tina is passionate about agriculture and enjoys being able to be part of this operation and her additional roles in promoting Agriculture Education. With her love of Agriculture, this position enables Tina to be involved with the farm, watch the compassion her co-workers have for the animals and land, and see a high-quality product being grown.

Tina Douglas
Tonya Barnes

Tonya Barnes

As Director of Operations of our butchery, Tonya keeps our human herd trotting. Having held so many positions—from meat wrapper to office manager—she knows every nook and cranny of our butcher business. Today, she is responsible for maximizing all butchery resources. Tonya enjoys the challenge of coordinating operations and the staff to ensure that customer expectations are met—and exceeded—at the highest level of quality.

Casey Green

At the ripe age of five years old, Casey sat for the first time in a tractor seat and that was it; he was hooked. He committed his career to farming life—which he acknowledges can be as grueling, challenging and random, as it is beautiful. Today, Casey is a key team player on our farm, who is always ready to get a job done or solve a challenge. From helping to herd an ornery animal to getting his hands dirty under the hood of a tractor, Casey doesn’t mind. He is fully committed to long days and a scenic workspace—and loves every second of it. In fact, he regards these helping-moments as the most rewarding aspect of his job. If you’re ever at the farm, be sure to spin some yarn with Casey (he has some great farming stories to share).

Kasey Green
Robert Graepel

Robert Graepel

Robert knows what 4am looks like, all too well. With three decades of farming experience, training in the mechanical contracting fields and having owned and operated his own dairy farm for a decade, his days started early and end long end after sunset. Here at the farm, his three decades of experience is called upon everyday. You can find him in a field calving and tagging animals, assisting with heifer and bull crossings (and a few chasings) to new pastures or inspecting miles and miles of fencing. Robert is a skilled farm worker who, despite extreme temperatures, hours and workload, wakes up looking to whatever the day will bring.

Brian Fassett

Brian sees his primary role on the farm as keeping the cows and calves full, fat, and happy—which means he has a lot of bosses to answer to. You might even consider him a “Cow Whisperer.” Along with caring for the animals, Brian is called up to help maintain fences, equipment and pastures. Brian loves that every day the farm brings a new experience and a new challenge to overcome. From the nicest summer afternoon to the coldest winter day, you’ll find Brian outside doing what he does best, ensuring the cows are safe and sound.

Brian Fassett


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