Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the highest quality and best-tasting beef that is fed and finished exclusively on the sweetest-tasting grass to create a superior flavor profile. We strive for the greatest level of sustainability on our farm, by using regenerative farming methods. This regeneration of the land ensures premium health, tranquility and respect for our animals, employees, community and customers.

Why The Green Cow?

We believe our industry can do better. It’s no secret that, as U.S. beef production has grown to unprecedented levels, we’ve compromised many of the best practices handed down to us from generations before. Consumers deserve beef that is healthier and more nutritious than what mass-market products provide. Instead, we’ve created an environment where beef is raised from nothing but the grass, soil and sunlight as nature intended.

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A Story of Authenticity

Our farm is the culmination of the Leigh Goehring’s vision of producing the best tasting, most nutritious, Omega-3 fat rich, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and  continuing the rich, regenerative farming tradition of Herkimer and Otsego Counties in Upstate New York.

Leigh’s knowledge of global agriculture and food supply, combined with his passion for gardening, inspired his investment in a more natural and sustainable process of raising cattle. He listened to the local Otsego County community, across generations, that had the expertise in farming the land of the Richfield Springs region. To ensure that the  cattle were consuming the sweetest grass that could be grown, he brought in leading industry experts to grow and raise the sweet grass that today fuels the herd.

In 2009, the first parcel of land in Richfield Springs, NY was purchased, with its unique soil, known as honeoye (pronounced “honey-oy”), and the abundant natural spring water supply. These conditions allow for diverse grasses with healthy root structures to flourish across our rolling hills and pastures. In 2017, the farm added its own local USDA-certified abattoir, fulfilling the original vision to ensure that every tender, mouth-watering and nutritious cut of beef comes from cows that are bred, born, raised and finished on our farm and prepared and shipped by our butchers.

Our Tranquil,
Nutrient Rich Location

Our farm is located in Richfield Springs, NY, founded in 1792 and situated in central New York. The area, known by natives as “Big Medicine Waters,” is celebrated for the natural nutrients of it’s beautiful rolling hills landscape. A gateway to Cooperstown, NY, where our store is nestled and home to the Baseball Hall of Fame, there is a wide variety of other things for tourists to enjoy in the area. We invite you to visit our store and, while you’re at it, enjoy all that Otsego County has to offer.

Too Far to Visit,
But You Can Still Enjoy

You can enjoy a taste of our single origin NY state beef through our online butcher shop, where our butchers will prepare, vacuum seal and flash freeze your order. Orders ship directly from our abattoir. Your order will arrive frozen and can be placed in your freezer for up to one year. When you’re ready to prepare, simply thaw according to instruction.


Our Butchery


Monday – Friday

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

From Our Team to Your Plate

It’s important to know the people that are delivering the food that you and the ones you care for enjoy. With us, that’s possible. For you, we have assembled an incredibly talented team who are expert at their craft and committed to delivering superior, flavorful and nutritious beef products to your table.
General Manager
Santana Fassett

General Manager

Santana oversees all facets of the business, including grass-fed and grass-finished cattle experts, soil and pasture management, ranching, sustainability, and nutrition. She is also on a mission to make sure that staff and community engagement remains a top cultural priority. Santana is not only committed to producing exceptionally-tasting and nutritious beef products for the customers she values, she is equally driven to treat the land, animals, employees, customers and community with the highest care and respect. Together with Leigh Goehring, she has proudly shaped the farm into a growing business that is committed to producing beef within mother nature’s image, as nature intended. 

Leigh Goehring

Leigh Goehring,

Fascinated with the lost science of animal husbandry, as practiced centuries ago, Leigh knew that he had found his calling. He became a student of cattle genetics, agroecology and sustainable agriculture and grass-fed and grass-finished livestock in beef provision. Then, with a team of experts by his side, a parcel of land in upstate New York was purchased, providing the perfect climate and soil conditions to realize his shared vision. The rest is history. Now, when he has a moment to himself, one of his favorite pastimes is taking his dogs for a walk around the pastures, taking in and appreciating the beauty of the farm and business that he and his team have pioneered.



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