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Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2009, our family-owned beef farm located outside of Cooperstown is the culmination of our dream to produce the best tasting, nutrient rich and 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, using natural regenerative agriculture methods. 

10 years later, we opened the Green Cow + Friends Butcher Shop to sell beef from our farm and chicken, lamb, pork and more from other local farms directly to customers.

Our Mission

Green Cow’s mission is to produce the highest quality and best-tasting beef fed and finished exclusively on the sweetest-tasting grass thus creating a superior flavor profile. The farm’s foundation is based on regenerative farming methods that ensures premium health, tranquility and respect for our animals, employees, community and customers.

The Team

Santana Fassett

Santana Fassett is completely focused on ensuring that our cattle and everyone consuming our beef is healthy and thriving. She particularly enjoys preparing for the different seasons of the farm, such as calving and breeding season. With a degree in Agriculture Business from SUNY and a background in veterinary care, Santana is sure to be found right where our cattle (and our customers) need her—on the farm and out in our pastures.

With over a decade as an artisanal meat cutter under his belt, Joshua Boyles’ butchery skills have been perfected through with custom slaughterhouses and retail grocery stores. He performs all plant operations, humane animal handling and slaughter, meat cutting from carcass to retail cuts and documentation + sanitation under USDA regulations. His passion for the culinary art of whole cow butchering sets him apart, treating each cut as an expression of his creativity.


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