1 FREE PACKAGE OF HOT DOGS with first-time purchase of a monthly subscription box. Offer expires 12/31/19. Does not apply to gift box purchases.

100% grass-fed
and finished beef

The Green Cow’s vision is to produce the best tasting, nutrient-rich, 100% grass-fed and finished beef, using natural regenerative agriculture methods. On the farm, our cattle roam our pastures and feed on a rich blend of our specially-formulated sweet grass, and never a morsel of anything else. We’ve nurtured a humane and sustainable environment where beef is raised from nothing but the grass, soil, and sunlight- just as nature intended. The Green Cow invites you to experience our exceptional beef, curated and delivered right to your doorstep. ​
1 FREE Package of Grass-Fed & Finished Hot Dogs with first-time purchase of a monthly subscription box.

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1. Pick Your Plan

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Step 2 Delivery

2. Get Ready
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Look for a Welcome email from us, containing confirmation of your order, a link to manage your account and detailed information about when you can expect your order to arrive.

Step 3 Manage Your Plan

3. Manage Your Plan

All subscription plans are flexible. Once you’ve set up your account you will have the ability to manage your subscription from your profile. Orders can be paused up to 5 business days before they ship and can be reactivated as soon as the next month.

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