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Most grass-fed beef you see offered for sale is the product of aggregators. These are people who buy from many different farms and may not have the same consistent quality as beef that comes from a farm like ours. Our beef is born, raised and finished on our farm so that we can control the quality and consistency throughout.

Most beef cattle is raised on grass during the early year(s) of their life. However, there is some beef sold in the US as grass-fed which is really “finished” in a feedlot where the cow is fed a steady diet of corn and other grains to fatten them up prior to slaughter. Cows were not meant to eat grain. Our cattle is 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished which is believed to be healthier.


Many medical and nutritional experts believe that grass-fed and finished beef is a healthier choice because grass-fed beef has fewer Omega 6 fats and more Omega 3 fats than conventional beef. Omega 3 fats are believed to be better for human cardiovascular system health.




Our beef is hand selected and individually cut by our artisanal butchers. Because each grass fed cow arrives with a different finishing weight our butchers do their best to cut to your order. You will not receive a piece of beef that is lower than the USDA weight you purchased. However, there is a good possibility that your beef cut may weigh slightly more than the USDA weight.

We DO NOT EVER give our cattle growth hormones. We only administer antibiotics for therapeutic reasons when absolutely necessary. We don’t not give them antibiotics to help them gain weight faster or any other prophylactic reason.

Your order will arrive frozen and should be placed into your freezer until ready for cooking.

To ensure product freshness each of your cuts of beef have been individually vacuum sealed and flash frozen, and should be placed into your freezer until ready for cooking.

When you are ready to prepare and enjoy your beef, we recommend placing the sealed package on a dish in your refrigerator at least two days prior to cooking, three to four days for larger roasts.

In a rush? Place the sealed package in a pan of cool water. Before cooking, remove from package, rinse and pat dry steak.

Our beef is individually vacuum sealed and flash frozen. As long as the freezer temperature is at or below O° Fahrenheit the beef should store well up to one year.

We wholly own our abattoir and have custom butchers who cut all of our products to order. By aggregating our web orders to one shipment date per week we are able to process orders individually and deliver the freshest beef to our customers.

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