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This Fall, We’re Packaging Up Something Special

We invite you to try a variety of our specialty beef cuts now. Coming this fall, we’ll be introducing a new shopping experience that will make your mouth water. Be sure to sign up to receive special offers from The Green Cow.

Handcrafted is our specialty
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Every week, our butchers are serving up a weekly special for customers to enjoy. Visit our Cooperstown, NY store, stop back here to online butcher shop, or join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss a tasty bite.

Classic Cuts

A selection of familiar, best seller cuts that customers love.

This well marbled cut, referred to as both Delmonico or Ribeye, has robust flavor and is very tender. It may be grilled or skillet cooked and lends itself to year round cooking.
Boneless Ribeye
This well marbled cut, referred to as both Delmonico or Ribeye, has robust flavor and is very tender. It may be grilled or skillet cooked and lends itself to year round cooking.
Delmonico Ribeye
NY Strip
Also known as Top Loin Steak, this boneless steak is the same long muscle found on the Porterhouse and T-Bone Steaks. It is best grilled or skillet cooked.
NY Strip
The Porterhouse is “King of the T-Bone.” It is cut from the loin possessing both the flavorful New York Strip steak on one side of the t-bone and a large filet mignon on the other side.
Tenderloin Steak
Also known as Filet Mignon. This boneless loin cut is the most expensive cut on the beef because it is the tenderest and represents such a small percentage of the total carcass weight.
Filet Mignon
Osso Bucco
Mixed with your choice of seasonings and slow cooked for hours, this cut will literally fall off of the bone in delicious, tender chunks.
Osso Bucco

Specialty Cuts

A selection of less-familiar, flavorful cuts that are under the radar but highly recommended by our butchers.

Also known as the Shoulder Top Blade Steak, it is found in the muscle above the blade bone of the chuck. This cut has decent marbling and is second in tenderness only to the tenderloin.
Denver Steak
Cut from the chuck or shoulder of the beef. It is found under the blade bone of the short ribs, and typically called an under blade steak. It is normally ¾ inch thick and rich with marbling.
Denver Steak
Hanger Steak
A butcher favorite, this cut hangs between the rib and the loin. This steak is unusual in that there is only one on the whole beef carcass. It is soft and grainy in texture.
Hanger Steak

Crowd Favorites

A selection of special occasion roasts and cuts to please a crowd.

Offered in handy 1 lb packages. Our special blend of ground beef is 80% lean to 20 % fat. It is a blend of our finest chuck and round cuts. Rich, flavorful and juicy burger.
Ever had a grass fed hot dog?
Ours are made from 100% ground beef, uncured, and contain no nitrates or preservatives.
Grass Fed Hot Dogs
24 oz. The Flank is a popular flat cut that comes from the belly muscle of the beef.
Flank Steak
A popular cut for slow cooking, barbecues and a crowd. It is cut from the forequarter of the beef and is abundant with flavor due to the higher fat content.
Chuck Eye Steak
As it name implies, the Chuck Eye comes from the flavorful front of the beef called the Chuck. However because it is an extension of the Rib eye muscle, it is highly marbled and juicy.
Chuck Eye Steak
Tri-Tip Roast
The Tri-Tip is a small triangular cut of beef from the bottom sirloin. It is a versatile cut of beef for slow grilling, broiling and skillet cooking. It is lean, tender, full of flavor.
Tri-Tip Steak

Meet Our Master Butchers

Our master butchers are artisans, who produce every cut of beef as if it will be served on their tables.

Joshua Boyles

Joshua Boyles

Name a cut, any cut, and Joshua will carve it with mastery. As an artisanal meat cutter who has honed his skills over the past decade, Joshua is a expert of his craft. With us, Joshua performs all plant operations, humane animal handling and slaughter, meat cutting from carcass to retail cuts, and documentation and sanitation under USDA regulations. It’s his passion for the culinary art of whole cow butchering that truly sets him apart, treating each cut as an expression of his creativity.

Nick Myers

Nick Myers

With more than a decade of butchering experience behind him, Nick sharpened his skills 13 years of grocery retailing. With us, he’s up’d his game, learning the art of whole cow butchering and the elevated nuances of working with grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Nick is engaged in all aspects of livestock processing, including cutting, packing and sanitation. His respect for our animals drives the sense of accomplishment he feels from butchering such finely fabricated finished cuts of beef.



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